Pinot Noir

Medium bodied and silky with red cherry, strawberry and smoky earth tones

  • Meats & Fish: Roasting chicken, tuna, filet mignon, pork, lamb and mild sausages
  • Cheese & Nuts: Goat cheese, Brie, walnuts
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, figs, cherries, strawberries, dried fruit
  • Sauces: Mushroom sauces, light-medium red sauces
  • Grains: Olive bread
  • Desserts: Vanilla pudding, milk chocolate, creme brulee, strawberries and cream, white chocolate


Heavy bodied and chewy with black cherry, currant, jammy, spice and tobacco tones

  • Meats & Fish: Roast game, hearty stews, spicy sausages such as pepperoni and salami, salmon
  • Cheese & Nuts: Strong cheeses such as sharp cheddar, Roquefort and blue cheese, hazelnuts
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Currants, blackberries, stewed tomatoes, beets, eggplant and dark, leafy greens
  • Sauces: Heavy red, BBQ and spicy sauces
  • Grains: Pizza
  • Desserts: Rhubarb pie, Black Forest cake


Full bodied with espresso, pomegranate, dark chocolate and black cherry flavors

  • Meats & Fish: BBQ tri-tip, sausage pizza, duck, tuna and grilled shark
  • Cheese & Nuts: Blue cheese, Camembert, toasted cashews
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Bell pepper, roasted shallots, boysenberry or plums
  • Sauces: Bearnaise, marinara, mushroom
  • Desserts: Dark chocolate torte, chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder